Soulful Pregnancy & Sacred Birth - 28 days online

Welcome sisters, brothers, becoming mothers, becoming fathers, doulas and midwifes to this sacred space with the White Rose – Soulful Pregnancy & Sacred Birth.

We are in a time of rapid and intense transition of the Earth and all Humanity. We are in a time where the New Children are being born, and we are all here to assist them in different ways. The “old ways” is not working any more, and White Rose is here to assist in this transition into the new way – the transition to a Soulful Pregnancy and Sacred Birth.

White Rose is bringing forth new wisdom and teachings to help all new souls – the New Children - to be born, to help and support the families, the women and men on their journey into a Sacred Motherhood and Sacred Fatherhood.

We are here to assist, support and help all parents and becoming soulful parents to learn a new way, so we can help these sweet new souls to blossom their uniqeness and soulgifts they are coming with. It is important that we give them a soulful start in their journey.

A Soulful Pregnancy journey is a journey for the mother and father to get to know the soul of their child, to clear and cleanse the way for the new soul to be birthed through. A journey back to deep self-love to yourself, and to your beloved baby, the father/mother, and all life there is. You will open up for a deep transition into motherhood and fatherhood.

We know that all Mother have all knowing inside of her, and also how to give a natural sacred birth to the new soul. We also know that all Father have all knowing inside of him to support, love and protect this new soul, to support the mother during the whole pregnancy, and to be the “pillar of light” during the birth.

We – the White Rose - are just here to help her and him to remember this natural and loving way, to give birth to a new soul. Welcome to meet us in a sacred space to share our visions and wisdom of this new way of Soulful Pregnancy and Sacred Birth.

During this journey we will share our experience and wisdom of a soulful pregnancy and sacred birth, and the new wisdom and teachings of the New Children. Camilla will share this new wisdom and teachings from the White Rose. Elli will share about her journey thru soulful pregnancy and sacred birth walking the path of love together with her beloved Adrian and the magical experience of giving birth to their son in the White Rose Temple in this new way. Read more about their beautiful journey below...


A journey thru Soulful Pregnancy and Sacred Birth as a couple...

Read our sister Ellis beautiful sharing about the sacred birth in the White Rose Temple a few months ago.

"Dear Sisters & Brothers, I want to share with you when this beautiful soul came down to earth and into physical form. The incredible space that was held for this divine event is something so unique that it is hard to explain. I do not know if this has ever happened before, that an angel, such an amazing soul, came down with his soul family in both physical and non-physical form. The space was held by the entire White Rose, all the helpers, Yeshua, Maria Magdalena, Mother Mary, Lady Venus & Sanat Kumara, The Elves, Great Mother and Father. All ancient mothers of the world stood around the whole temple and held with their wombs. The deep contact, the trust and the peace that was inside the temple was something I never experienced before. And beyond their circle a circle with the ancient fathers who held everything, and kept the direction of Johannes coming down. They held the light. And the mothers kept the energy and the whole flow of shakti to make the birth possible. What was so incredible was that there was also one of these mothers physically in the room, Camilla Åkerström. With her energy and her shakti, she could help the flow open up again when it stopped, clean and clear the whole space when needed, call in the helpers and even lead and hand over Johannes to the earth and to his earthly parents because they are from the same soul family and know each other very well.

Camilla did so much more than I put in words, in this dimension and others, but what she primarily did was to let everything go as we chose. She did not go in and change or do anything, but for 36 hours she totally respected the free will and divine will. She sat and held, held everything and everyone. Because that's what these mothers do, they hold the world in their wombs. And this was my initiation to start wandering my mission here on earth as an embodied Queen Mother. And Camilla knew that I could do it, I had to choose to break through the fears that I felt, the resistance that occurred during the time when I just wanted to give up and end the whole process.
Having been on this journey for the past 3 years, I am completely convinced that it was what made the pregnancy so incredibly easy and beautiful, including the birth, although it took a long time.

To also do this together in a relationship where you really are close to each other was something we also had to do. It was clear that without trust, without the foundation of the relationship, it becomes difficult for one's partner to really be the support that both the woman, the man and the child needs. My beloved Adrian stood like the pilar of light throughout the entire birth. He did not leave me or Johannes for a moment. Knowing his power, his humility and his immense love for us touch me deeply in the soul. This true masculine energy and vibration that he really embodied. So beautiful in his light and in his power as he often did not get or could show the world. Here he could. without him I do not know what I would have done, he made me dare to believe in myself, feeling that I could birth our child. And I felt so incredibly safe in his arms and in his total presence." - Elli Zaar