New Earth Summer Solstice circle - Fårö

18-23st JUNe, gotland sweden

Beloved sister and brothers
Welcome to a magical retreat - New Earth Summer Solstice Circle - on Fårö, Gotland
We gather in a circle during 6 days to celebrate the sun, the earth, the new time, ourselves and love. We are here to return to ourselves and to beloved Mother Earth - Terra Gaia Nova

We are called to be in service and do important energy work, to re-open a dragonportal and activate a dragon line, re-activate an ancient temple and anchor the new codes, new light and the templates for the New Earth.

During the Summer solstice a gateway with the Divine Light is streaming more than other days. This year the amount of light coming in is extra strong with the new codes and the Templates for the New Earth.

We will recieve initiations, activations and upgrade into the New Earth templates. We gather to deepen into prescence, activate and upgrade these new codes within us, deepen into our hearts and find new paths to walk in deeper humility on the New Earth.
Fårö, Gotland is a very beautiful and vibrant island with important energy and Leyline vortex. It is also called the Rose Island, and have a lots of ancient sacred sites.

There is a dragonportal and is magical with all the portals of the rauks- stacks- and their inner worlds in contact with many worlds, places and dimensions.

We dance, celebrate midsummer, swim in the beatiful sea, sing, eat delicious vegetarian food and enjoy being together!
Beloveds, if you are feeling called to join us and take your seat in the circle with short notice - send email to


When She is calling us - we can not not Answer her Call

If you are feeling the calling pm us for detailed information or email For more information please contact Camilla at: We will be honored if you are joining this sacred journey.

In Love and Gratitude ♥
Camilla Ma Ra & the White Rose New Earth